ARMYs Demand Explanation As To Why Votes Froze For BTS For Seoul Music Awards

Fans want to know why this has happened.

ARMYs have stepped up once again asking for an explanation as to why voting for BTS wasn’t working for the Seoul Music Awards, while votes for other artists were still working perfectly fine.


Two hashtags began trending worldwide in regards to this matter. #서가대_해명해 is asking for an explanation from SMA as to why votes froze for several hours while #서가대_조작 is talking about vote manipulation.



Fans have begun to take action showing evidence that voting for BTS is not working and demanding an explanation from SMA.




Hashtags have been trending in Korea and worldwide to gain attention to this inconsistency in votes.




They even have proof of records from fans that show that votes for BTS does not work for them.




News about this matter have also been released to the public.





Fans hope that by bringing light to this situation it can help fix the problem promptly.




SMA have responded to the matter with this announcement:



Fans hope that this matter will get resolved quickly.