ARMYs Discover BTS Suga’s Hidden Cameo On An Old Epik High Song

Only a few fans knew about this until now.

It’s no secret that BTS‘s Suga is in high demand in the music industry, both as a producer and an artist. His group aside, he has built a very impressive repertoire of his own as a featuring artist, collaborating with prominent names both in South Korea and in the U.S. Lee Sora‘s “Song Request,” IU‘s “Eight,” Halsey‘s “SUGA’s Interlude,” Juice WRLD‘s “Girl Of My Dream,” and PSY‘s “That That” are all examples of Suga’s versatility as an artist.

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It is also no secret that the BTS rapper looks up to Epik High as his artistic idols, and over the years, he has built a very close relationship with them, especially the group’s member Tablo.

Suga with Epik High | @blobyblo/Instagram

As many ARMYs already know, Suga has worked with Epik High as a producer for their 2019 song “Eternal Sunshine.” He also collaborated with Tablo as a songwriter for “Song Request.” But there is another collaboration between Suga and Epik High that many fans never knew of until recently.

A BTS fan account recently tweeted asking other ARMYs to quote the tweet with facts about BTS that most people might not know. The tweet went viral, being quoted over 3,000 times (at the time of this article being written).

One of those quote tweets revealed that Suga did a 2-second long cameo in one of Epik High’s songs called “No Thanxxx.” Though his name is not in the title, his voice can be heard saying, “no thanks,” during one of the choruses of the song.

Tablo himself noticed the tweet and confirmed that it was indeed Suga’s voice on the track. The song was released in 2017, way before “Eternal Sunshine” came out, technically making it the first collaboration between the two artists.

Many ARMYs were bewildered to realize that they never noticed it was Suga’s voice in the song, even though they had listened to the track multiple times before!

Every day you learn something new in this fandom!


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