BTS Jin’s Positive Influence Reflected Through Fans Blood Donations For His Birthday

Jin is a lucky man to have such amazing fans!

Fans came together to donate blood in celebration of BTS Jin’s birthday. 533 donors donated blood to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation on December 4 for Jin’s 28th birthday.


The blood donations will go to children with pediatric cancer who need large blood transfusions during treatment.

Last year, fans were touched by Jin’s donations to help rescue dogs and decided to donate to children with cancer with their first donation of 285000 won (~2,388.25 USD) earlier this year. They continued to be influenced by Jin and began collecting blood donations around September for a total of 2 months to celebrate Jin’s birthday.

Fans who participated in the blood donation expressed they were happy to spread warmth to the world through the positive influence of someone.

The director of the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation commented, “Pediatric cancer needs more blood transfusions due to chemotherapy and hematopoietic stem cell transplants. The blood donations received will be of great help to the families who are currently going through a hard time.”

Source: newsen