ARMYs End Up Trending “Where Is He” While Struggling To Spot BTS J-Hope’s At The 37th Golden Disc Awards

His attendance has now become a mystery.

The 37th Golden Disc Awards is currently taking place in Bangkok, Thailand. Acts like ENHYPEN, IVE, Stray Kids, NewJeans, (G)-IDLELE SSERAFIMTREASURE, and Younha have graced the stage at the show, stealing hearts with their performances. But the ARMYs attending the show, as well as the ones watching the livestream have been busy trying to figure out why BTS member J-Hope has been missing for over two hours since the show started.

J-Hope was announced to be attending the red carpet as well as the main event at the Golden Disc Awards this year. Though ARMYs were enraged to realize that the show advertised his name as a part of its “line-up” when in reality, he was only attending without a performance, they made sure to show up for the artist. J-Hope had more or less kept quiet about his attendance, but he uploaded an Instagram story indicating he was leaving for Thailand on January 7, KST. He was also spotted arriving in Bangkok a few hours later. The official Twitter account posted about his attendance as well.

However, he was nowhere to be seen during the red carpet. The star was not spotted at the artist lounge even two hours after the main show’s start. When he was announced as the winner of the Thai Fans Support With Baoji award, the MCs stated that the award will be delivered to him, indicating that he was not at the venue to receive it.

The lack of any explanation surrounding his absence made ARMYs anxious to figure out what was going on. Some Thai fans theorized that he was probably stuck in traffic since it can get pretty bad in Thailand. But while trying to figure out the situation, ARMYs ended up trending “WHERE IS HE,” “WHERE IS J-HOPE,” and “WHERE IS HOBI” on Twitter.

Finally, J-Hope was spotted in the artist lounge during Jay Park‘s live performance, making fans breathe a sigh of relief.

J-Hope accepted the Best Album bonsang on behalf of BTS and the Popularity Award after his arrival.