ARMYs Are Ready To Fight Mosquitos On Behalf Of BTS’s Jin

No one attacks Jin, especially not a mosquito!

ARMYs are prepared to go to war for BTS‘s Jin


…against mosquitos!

Jin shared a photo to Weverse, revealing a very red and swollen bug bite on his arm. He said that a mosquito was the assailant, but due to the bite’s size, he felt it would have made more sense for it to have been a larger creature like a bat.

| Weverse

got bit by a mosquito but..
I feel like even if I got hit by a bat it would be less swollen than this

— Jin

In 2021, an ARMY actually shared in a now-viral tweet that they received merchandise from Weverse Shop that a mosquito hawk had gotten laminated into it.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we identified the guilty party. These insects are wrongly labeled. They are huge, fragile flies and do not sting/bite.

Nevertheless, whether the mosquito is as large as these or as small as a mustard seed, ARMYs are prepared to take revenge on behalf of Jin. So, they are gearing up.

We also can’t help but be reminded of the time a mosquito bit Jin’s lip during Law of the Jungle. Even mosquitos are obsessed with his beauty and want a taste!

It’s also incredibly sweet how Jin always goes to Weverse to inform ARMY when he gets hurt in any way, like a true friend.

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Source: Weverse