ARMYs Voice Frustration Over Lack Of Security For BTS’s V At Paris Airport

V navigated a crowded airport without bodyguards, and fans want to know why.

BTS is one of the most famous musical groups in the world, and, as such, they stop fans and locals alike in their tracks, even when they’re not present.

ARMYs in Piccadilly Circus, London watching BTS’s Samsung ad in August | @hoitab/Twitter

While the group’s global impact is incredible, it can lead to downsides when the members’ safety is at risk in public settings.

A sasaeng running after BTS in Sweden in 2016

Luckily, many ARMYs have been proactive in keeping the group safe during their travels, creating fan projects such as the Purple Ribbon Project, and sharing helpful guidelines for airport etiquette to maintain a respectful distance from the group while continuing to show support.

This year, multiple members have flown internationally for their individual schedules. Their travels through the airport have mostly been smooth. When there have been cases of people getting too close to the stars, BTS’s assigned security team has been able to step in to mitigate.

BTS’s V in New York in August | celebritynycmoment/YouTube

Recently, BTS’s V flew to Paris for his own schedule. After four days in Paris, teasing ARMYs with various artsy and sexy photos from his trip, he returned to the airport in Paris for another flight.

BTS’s V at the airport in Paris

Fans immediately noticed his cool, rockstar look in a trendy fringe leather jacket. He warmed hearts with his thoughtful actions, happily waving to waiting ARMYs as he made his way to his flight.

ARMYs also noticed that the top star seemingly had only one security team member, and it was his manager.

As crowds in the airport drew closer to V, he was accompanied by only his manager and a female staff member who walked ahead of them, leading the group through the building.

While ARMYs were grateful to V’s manager for keeping him safe, they were frustrated with BIGHIT MUSIC for seemingly sending V with inadequate security, especially after bodyguards surrounded him on the way to France.

BTS’s V at the airport on the way to Paris | @TataLovesArt2/Twitter

Fans shared their gratitude for the manager for helping V navigate the crowds of people while also calling attention to the lack of security.

Luckily, V was able to safely make his way through the airport without any serious issues, but fans are hoping he’ll be sent with more security in the future.