ARMYs Helped #HappySugaDay Trend Worldwide

Thanks to ARMYs, the hashtag #HappySugaDay was trending worldwide in celebration of BTS member Suga’s birthday.

On March 9, 2017, BTS’s Suga celebrated his 25th (24 internationally) birthday, and fans began using #HappySugaDay to celebrate. Thanks to the many fans around the world that wished Suga a happy birthday, the hashtag was trending worldwide. In fact, even the United Kingdom’s BBC radio even mentioned it on air.

During a live broadcast, a radio host broadcasted the trending news to the show’s listeners:

“And #HappySugaDay is trending worldwide. Fans of South Korean K-Pop boy band BTS, wishing Suga a happy 24th birthday.”


Fans have previously succeeded in starting a movement to get BTS’s “Not Today” to play on multiple European radios. It seems as if international fans are helping BTS garner more fame around the world. Thanks to them, BTS has already appeared on numerous radio broadcasts worldwide.

Check out BBC mentioning Suga’s birthday below!