BTS ARMYs Had A Field Day Reacting To Bang PD’s Sketch Video With Benny Blanco And Scooter Braun

BTS 8th member reveal?

Being on ARMY Twitter is like a box of chocolates. You never know what is coming up next. Just when the fans thought they were catching up with BTS‘s surprise schedules a little, BigHit Music and Hybe’s founder Bang Si Hyuk (known more fondly as Bang PD by ARMYs) appeared in a video sketch with American record producer Benny Blanco and talent manager Scooter Braun.

The video dropped out of nowhere and had ARMYs confused for a good minute. In fact, people are still clueless about what exactly this skit is hinting at.

But trust the funny bones of the fandom to turn any situation into a grade-A comedy. In the video, Benny Blanco says, “I just think I can be in the band,” referring to BTS. And that was the cue for the jokes to flow in.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the video that has got ARMY Twitter in splits:

1. Bang PD, Your Eyes Tell

2. Let’s just say there’s no room for improvement when it comes to the BTS lineup

3. “Imma leave the door open” or not, maybe…

4. One moment you want a big house, big cars, big rings, and the next, your closet door is making creaking sounds

5. Being the new member of BTS won’t be a smooth sailing journey for sure

6. “Yeah, we are not 7 with you.”

The way ARMYs are clowning the imaginary 8th member of BTS is actually very in line with how BTS themselves responded to the idea of an additional member. During an interview with WIRED, BTS were asked if they needed a new member, and they couldn’t digest the idea whatsoever.

ARMYs once again prove why BTS and they are each other’s perfect halves. Like artist, like fans- just a bunch of comedians on this floating rock planet vibing together.