ARMYs’ Minds Are Going Wild With Theories Following ARMYpedia And BTS’s New Spotify Playlist

What does this marketing mean for BTS’s new album?


BTS’s marketing team is out in full force as they look to promote the group in every way possible and on every possible platform ahead of their upcoming comeback.

One of their marketing campaigns is ARMYpedia, a worldwide puzzle game for ARMYs that emphasises reflection. QR Codes are strategically placed in seven cities around the world and each one corresponds to a date. Eventually, ARMY will have assembled an online comprehensive history of BTS after all the codes are scanned.

BTS’s Spotify playlist, “This is BTS”, has also been updated. The image has been changed to a classic photo of BTS and it now only contains songs from their “Dark & Wild” and “2 Cool 4 Skool” albums.

Because of all of the emphasis on looking back at BTS’s past, ARMYs are starting to formulate theories on what this marketing means for the group.

Will BTS’s new album have a time travel concept? Will they return to their more hip-hop heavy debut sound? The possibilities are endless and ARMYs everywhere can barely contain their excitement.


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