ARMYs Notice A Nostalgic BTS Reference In Suga’s Marie Claire Photoshoot

He’s living proof of “apobangpo.”

BTS member Suga will grace the covers of Marie Claire Korea‘s May issue in collaboration with Valentino. The magazine has been releasing various content related to this pictorial for a few days now, including exclusive clips and sneak peeks of the cover shoot.

So far, they have unveiled three different covers featuring Suga, all showing his different charms, donned in Valentino from head to toe.

But one specific picture from Suga’s several photoshoots with the magazine is drawing ARMYs’ attention. It is the preview picture posted by the e-commerce platform Aladin.

The reason why this photo specifically stood out to fans was the location itself. ARMYs’ eager eyes immediately figured out that the familiar venue in the picture is none other than Hakdong Park, where BTS used to spend a lot of their time during their rookie era.

Hakdong Park |

The members themselves shared the significance of this park in BTS’s life during one episode of Run BTS. It is located next to the old building of BIGHIT MUSIC, and according to both RM and Jimin, the members frequently visited this place for multiple reasons. Sometimes, RM would go there to relieve his frustrations,

while sometimes, they would hang out at the park, talking about their lives.

They also shared that they practiced the choreography of “N.O.” on the sand mat near the swings! In fact, in Suga’s photoshoot, it is the swings that gave the location away to most fans since they could be easily traced back to the Run BTS episode.

As if this nostalgic throwback was not enough to get ARMYs all up in their feels, Suga’s outfit, too, brought back a bittersweet memory. It didn’t take long for them to notice that the Valentino shirt and jacket combo he is wearing in the picture is the same as what Jin wore to J-Hope‘s Jack In The Box listening party in July.

| @jin/Instagram

Even during the promotions for his new solo album D-Day, Suga has never missed a chance to mention how deeply he misses being with his members. Seeing how his solo photoshoot also contains a sentimental throwback to their early days as a group has made fans all the more secure that 2025 is a year worth looking forward to!


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