ARMYs Prepare An Elaborate Number Of Ads For BTS Jin’s Upcoming 29th Birthday

He is getting spoiled!

BTS‘s Jin has a birthday coming up on December 4th and ARMYs are getting a head start to make sure he feels celebrated. Here’s what they have planned so far.

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Fans of BTS will be able to see a glimpse of their favorite member for a little longer through a TV commercial that ARMYs purchased. With the phrase “Happy Seokjin Day” and “Happy Jin Day”, fans are really making December 4th all about Jin.

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Jin’s fans, who are known as the “Kim Seok Jin Team” shared a little message about the televised birthday commercial, which they revealed will be broadcasted December 7th on Mnet.

To celebrate our beloved Jin’s 29th birthday, we have decided to run a television commercial.

— Kim Seok Jin Team

The birthday love doesn’t end there as fans also revealed the numerous different ads they have purchased in honor of Jin’s birthday.

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Birthday ads are being shown all over social media platforms such as InstagramFacebookKakaotalk and TikTok. All the ads are being run anywhere from December 3rd to December 7th to maximize the birthday week for the BTS member.

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They also purchased an ad for YouTube that’ll run from November 27th to December 4th. It doesn’t end there as the YouTube ads will run not only in South Korea, but in Japan and Indonesia as well! As if that weren’t enough, fans also went ahead and purchased ads in a few different magazines.

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ARMYs have purchased an entire page to dedicate to Jin’s birthday in the December edition of Vogue Korea.

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They also managed to get a page in Harper’s Bazaar to share with all of their readers. They are covering as much ground as they can by running ads in two of the hottest magazines.

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Lastly, fans also managed to get a birthday ad in the newspaper so that citizens of all ages can celebrate Jin’s birthday.

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With all these ads, we have a feeling that everyone will know that December 4th is Jin’s birthday, whether they want to or not. Happy birthday to Jin of BTS! You deserve all the love.

Source: Naver