ARMYs Prove That Language Is No Barrier When It Comes To Music

ARMYS showed unwavering love for BTS despite language and cultural differences.

Upon arrival at the King Fahd International Stadium, you could almost fool someone into thinking that you were at the Seoul Jamsil Gymnasium.


On October 11, BTS held their world tour concert in Riyadh. Fans that were waiting to enter the concert were seen holding up posters and signs with “I love you”, “Kiss Me” and other slogans all written in Korean. When passing through the crowd, you could hear people greeting one another in Korean as well. The only difference was that they were wearing their hijab and Abayas.

BTS’s LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF world tour concert is considered to be a huge accomplishment for the group as they have become the first foreign artist to perform at the King Fahd International Stadium.

Even under the roaring heat, fans stood outside the stadium starting at 1 PM (local time), 6 hours before the show actually started.

Fans at the concert expressed their love for not only BTS but also the Korean culture. They showed that language is not a problem when it comes to their passion for K-Pop and BTS.

My mom is an ajumma ARMY I learned Korean because I loved K-Pop and K-dramas. I can understand pretty well but speaking is still hard for me.

— Sheta, Saudi Arabia college student


 There are many people that are trying to learn Korean history and culture. It’s unfortunate that there aren’t that many related classes at school.

— Nazid, Saudi Arabia college student

BTS also showed respect for Saudi Arabia and their culture by modifying their choreography and abiding by the country’s rules.

Korean television reporters expressed their shock as ARMYs came up to them first and greeted them in Korean. Fans showed great enthusiasm to the reporters and gladly took photos and interviews to take back to Korea.

International ARMYs have always shown a passion for Korea and Korean culture through their continuous efforts to learn and understand the country that BTS is from.


Source: donga