ARMYs Speculate That BTS’s RM Might Have Influenced HYBE’s NFT Project Policies

Reports highlighted his influence on the company’s policy-making process.

In October 2022, HYBE and blockchain technology firm Dunamu patterned up to launch Momentica, an NFT platform where fans could purchase digital collectibles featuring some of HYBE’s popular artists. The venture included SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, TXT, ENHYPENand LE SSERAFIM. However, the absence of BTS from this project, who happen to be the label’s top artist, didn’t go unnoticed. According to new media reports, the group might have had direct involvement with that decision.

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Recently, Korean media outlets reported on the low performance of Momentica, which has apparently made sales worth ₩8.00 million KRW (about $6,500 USD) only. While one of the primary concerns of the platform is its user policies, the reports also highlighted that the absence of BTS from the platform might have also caused a dent in its performance.

NFTs of LE SSERAFIM that only sold around 40-60 out of 1231 units | Momentica

Since the project was announced, most BTS fans opposed the idea. They made it clear that they won’t be engaging with any NFT-related BTS content because of the high rates of emission it causes, harming the environment in the process.

Media reports stated that BTS’s content was supposed to be the killer move on Momentica’s part, but the group’s intentions were a big variable in the decision-making process. Apparently, there have been precedents where the group’s leader RM pursued HYBE executives to change the company’s policies.

Though Momentica’s potentially killer content is considered to be of BTS, who has the biggest presence out of all the HYBE artists, BTS’s intentions are the biggest variable. BTS is known to have a strong voice in the agency. It’s reported that RM, the leader, made a presentation (PT) directly to HYBE’s executives to change the company’s policy and received favorable responses.


Though the statement in the report is a bit speculative, fans think RM might have also affected the policies regarding NFTs. There are speculations that RM, as the spokesperson of BTS members, pursued HYBE to not include BTS in the NFT project. Some are also guessing that he probably pushed the company to opt for blockchains that cause less harm to the environment. Levvels Inc (the company HYBE and Dunamu formed together) emphasized the fact that they use low-carbon emission blockchains to minimize the impact of their NFTs on the environment.

Luniverse, the blockchain service platform Momentica is based on, uses 30 million times less electricity than Ethereum | PR Newswire

It is no secret that RM is a very sociopolitically conscious person, as often reflected in his interviews and songwriting. So, the assumption that he probably took charge and affected these positive changes in HYBE’s policies does not seem too far-fetched. But there are no official confirmations on the matter either.

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