ARMYs Spot BTS J-Hope With An Eccentric Accessory, Only To Be Proven Dead Wrong Hours Later

You can’t really blame it on them, though.

When it comes to sporting quirky fashion items, BTS‘s J-Hope is never the one to shy away. Over the years, he has built such a personal signature style that often features unexpected elements but somehow makes them work like a charm.

ARMYs have witnessed some of his eccentric styling choices in the past, such as his $680 USD Balenciaga triangle pouch,

his READYMADE “Frogman” bag,

his fur boots from ORDINARY PEOPLE,

and his clear tote bag by A-COLD-WALL.

The point is ARMYs are now used to seeing the BTS rapper-dancer sport out-of-the-box fashion choices and rock them like nobody else can. So, when they saw this picture—

many fans assumed that J-Hope was once again rocking a quirky accessory, a key-shaped bag, to be specific. And it made sense to think that he would add a touch of his own style during his first time at the Paris Fashion Week, that too as an ambassador of Louis Vuitton.

But soon enough, ARMYs realized they clowned themselves hilariously. It turns out the key-shaped bag was not really a bag but the seat placement card the show used to reserve seating for guests.

Well, though fans might have clowned themselves with his one, if J-Hope wants, he can turn that seat placement card into a fashion accessory that would sell out like hotcakes.


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