ARMYs Think BTS Is Teleporting Back To Their Hotel After Their Concerts And Here’s The Hilarious Reason Why

If only teleportation were real!! Haha ..unless?? 👀

BTS has been in Los Angeles, California for about three weeks now for their sold out PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at SoFi Stadium.

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ARMYs have been keeping up with what the members have been doing in their free time through BTS’s social media posts on Weverse and Twitter, and have been being respectful of BTS’s privacy for the most part.

It’s no secret that BTS like to go on live stream after their concerts once they’re back in the comfort of their hotel rooms, and these concerts were no different. After the first night of their first offline concert, V streamed live with fellow members Jimin and Jungkook.

ARMYs loved every moment of it, and of course there were more lives for the following nights.

Those who attended the concerts noticed something interesting though. BTS would stream live pretty quickly after their concerts were over. So quickly in fact that ARMYs would be watching the live broadcasts on their phones while still at SoFi Stadium!


This led to some hilarious theories on how BTS were getting back to their hotel so quickly.

one user @jenniaki tweeted “bts after each concert, probably:


All jokes aside, we’re just glad BTS were able to get back to their hotels safely each night. According to Twitter user @MissMarbelle, the members received a police escort immediately after each show, while another user @Lunar05204462 claims the boys took a helicopter after the police escort to the helipad. Whatever the mode of transportation, it seems to be a quick one that avoids the post concert mayhem of thousands of ARMYs shuffling out of the venue!

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