BTS’s Jin Made A New Friend At Six Flags, And The Man Might Not Be Who He Claims To Be

He never meets a stranger!

BTS‘s Jin loves a good time, and what’s more fun than going to an amusement park?

BTS’s Jin at Six Flags in 2019. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Finally, after two years, Jin has returned to one of his favorite places in Los Angeles, California… Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Jin at Six Flags in 2021. | @BTS_twt/Twitter

He even hooked up the staff with some matching accessories again. He’s got his twinnems!

While he has the staff with him, he’s still without his six besties. That’s okay, though, because he’s making new friends…

| Weverse

We all know Jin is truly a social butterfly and makes friends wherever he goes

BTS’s Jin with famous friends. | @jinniesarchives/Twitter & @BTS_twt/Twitter & Weverse

So, it’s no surprise that he wound up making a new friend at Six Flags too!

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His new friend even surprised him with a gift, the famous Oreo Funnel Cake from the Funnel Cake Factory at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It is a buttery funnel cake (perfect for one of the vocalists behind chart-topping hit song “Butter”) topped with hot fudge, Oreos, whipped cream, and a mountain top of soft-serve ice cream! Definitely a treat fit for a king.

The friend I made at Six Flags gifted me ice cream

— Jin

After posting about his friend’s gift on Twitter, he went to Weverse to share even more information. It turns out that the new friend is none other than the Six Flags manager! He personally took time out of his busy schedule to meet Jin and give him a tour too!

That friend said they’re the one in charge at Six Flags, but he was my guide. He’s so cool

— Jin

| Weverse

Believe it or not, this wouldn’t even be the first time that Jin accidentally became pals with the boss of the establishment he frequented. Remember the bar owner Charles in Bon Voyage?

BTS’s Jin with his friend Charles in “Bon Voyage.” | BTS/VLIVE+

It definitely sounds like a super day!

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

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