BTS’s Jin Was On His Way Home When He Ran Into One Of His Favorite Celebrities, Noh Hong Chul

Jin is a succesful fan!

BTS‘s Jin is, without a doubt, the social butterfly of the group!

BTS’s Jin with famous friends. | @jinniesarchives/Twitter & @BTS_twt/Twitter & Weverse

He never meets a stranger even abroad.

BTS’s Jin with his friend Charles in “Bon Voyage.” | BTS/VLIVE+

Jin can make friends with literally anyone, whether it’s his boss

Bang PD (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

…or even a shark!

[Achievement Unlocked] You have now become someone that has experienced the bite of a shark

— Jin

| Weverse

So, it’s no surprise that he’s befriended someone just today!

Jin | Weverse

Jin was taking a page from leader RM‘s book. Just yesterday, RM shared with ARMY that he was biking home after getting off work.

So, today, Jin was doing just the same. He decided to bicycle home after finishing his schedule.

Seokjinnie getting off work

— Jin

| Weverse

Jin might do this more often now because, on his way home, he ran into someone but not just anybody, one of his favorite celebrities. It was none other than Korean entertainer Noh Hong Chul!

As I was cycling getting off work I met Hong Chul hyung on the street

— Jin

Noh Hong Chul (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

Fans often lurk around their favorite idols’ company buildings, hoping just to get a glimpse of them. It looks like it really does happen to the lucky ones. In this case, Jin!

| Weverse

Noh Hong Chul is a popular entertainer in South Korea as he often appears on variety shows, such as MBC‘s I Live Alone. He was a founding member of MBC’s Infinite Challenge and co-host of KBS‘s Talents for Sale.

Noh Hong Chul in “Infinite Challenge.” | MBC

Longtime K-Pop fans will also recognize him from a few of his cameos in music videos. He appeared in two PSY music videos, “Gangnam Style” and “Gentleman,” as well as Sistar‘s “Touch My Body.”

Noh Hong Chul in “Touch My Body” MV. | starshipTV/YouTube

Yes, he’s the pelvic thruster in the elevator in “Gangnam Style!” Although he appeared only for seven seconds, his trademark jeojil dance (저질댄스) gained him worldwide attention, and he was even invited on American television!

Noh Hong Chul with PSY in “Gangnam Style” MV. | officialpsy/YouTube

So, naturally, PSY had him return for the follow-up single “Gentleman.” This time, he was with the rest of the Infinite Challenge cast.

“Infinite Challenge” cast in PSY’s “Gentleman” MV. | officialpsy/YouTube

Noh Hong Chul is certainly an icon, so it’s not surprising that Jin is a fan! Not just Jin but the entire group have been known to imitate some of the entertainer’s most iconic gestures as they often recreate memes.

Jin in “Dynamite” B-Side MV. | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

During the “Dynamite” era, the members would parody Noh Hong Chul. Jungkook and Jimin revealed how this “inside joke” came to be during a global media day to commemorate “Dynamite” ranking on top of Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Even before we worked on this music video, it was a fad between us. We watched it and danced to it together.

— Jimin

Last year, when ARMY first started recognizing the connection, Noh Hong Chul even reposted some fans’ posts about it!

| @rohongchul/Instagram
| @rohongchul/Instagram
| @rohongchul/Instagram

Jin now has a history of being a successful fan! Earlier this year, he was gifted a guitar by one of his favorite music artists Coldplay‘s Chris Martin, following their “My Universe” collab.

BTS’s Jin Is The Most Successful Fan Ever As His Idol Coldplay’s Chris Martin Gives Him The Most Heartfelt Gift

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