Here’s How Much It Costs To Look As Good As BTS’s Jin Even After A Long Day At Work

The price of his bike, though! 🤯

On November 3, BTS‘s Jin enjoyed a bike ride home from work.

Seokjinnie getting off work

— Jin

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

While bicycling, he even ran into one of his favorite celebrities: Korean entertainer Noh Hong Chul!

As I was cycling getting off work I met Hong Chul hyung on the street

— Jin

Noh Hong Chul (left) and Jin (right) | Weverse

Jin never fails to look his best, no matter what. He’s always prepared to meet someone even after a long day at work.

So, if you want to be photo-ready at all times, like Jin, here’s how much it costs…

1. Sweats

Jin wore a matching “20SS faded logo” sweatshirt and track pants from INSTANTFUNK in purple. They cost $90 and $100 USD, respectively. His shoes, on the other hand, cost even more. The “Out of Office Low ‘White Light Blue'” sneakers from Off-White cost $725 USD!

| @bts_stylish/Twitter & INSTANTFUNK & Off-White & Weverse

This is the same sweatshirt Jin wore when he had his dinner date with his boss and bestie Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD or Hitman Bang)!

| Weverse

2. Accessories

Of course, going for a bike ride, it’s important to stay hydrated! Jin’s water bottle is a Camelbak Podium in either black or navy. They cost $11-14 USD.

| Camelbak

As for his backpack, it’s Thom Browne and costs $1,550 USD!

| @bts_stylish/Twitter & Thom Browne & Weverse

3. Bike

Jin’s bicycle is a Ritte Ace 2018 Limited Edition in light blue. It can cost up to $3,163 USD.

| @jtcbikecentre/Facebook

The wheels specifically are the Shimano “WH-RS11 Road Clincher” wheelset. Alone they cost $286 USD!

| Racer Sportif

Yes, Jin is apparently one of “those biker guys” that RM talked about during his birthday live broadcast this year! 😂

Source: @armyarchives_ and @bts_stylish