BTS’s Jin Reveals What He Really Thinks Of Bang PD’s Cooking After Their Dinner Date

Next time, Bang PD is cooking everyone dinner!

In BTS, there is no denying that some of the members are very talented cooks, particularly the oldest member Jin. Yet, back in March, he let someone else take the responsibility as he was cooked dinner by none other than former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk, also known as Hitman Bang or Bang PD.

Bang Si Hyun and BTS’s Jin | Weverse

In a recent interview with Amazon Music, host Jaeki Cho asked Jin what his cooking was actually like and what Bang PD made for him during that time! Jin explained that he was shocked that as well as making music, Bang PD also had a talent for cooking.

Well, it was extraordinary, since he is certainly an epicure (for music) and he can really cook. It was delicious.

— Jin

It seems as if Bang PD might have indirectly made sure that the meal he cooked for Jin related to their track “Butter.”

He made me grilled salmon and steak, and that was when “Butter” was completed but not released yet. So, I’m guessing he made the dishes that had to do with butter for congratulatory purposes.

— Jin

Member J-Hope explained that he thought that Bang PD must love his food, and V added that he believes this is why their company is most known for the fantastic food that fans and idols have been raving about.

After resigning as CEO of HYBE, maybe Bang PD will have more time to cook with the members, and fans would love to see more interactions between him and the group. You can watch the whole interview below.


Source: Amazon Music