BTS’s Jin Reveals What His Relationship With Bang Si Hyuk Is Really Like

Jin revealed he asked Bang PD to drink with him!

Not everyone can say that they’re besties or even just friends with their boss, but BTS‘s Jin sure can!

BTS’s Jin | Weverse Magazine

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin talked about happiness, the importance of self-care, rapping for 2021 MUSTER Sowoozoo, and his friendship with Bang Si Hyuk. Many might feel intimidated by Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD or Hitman Bang) as he is the founder, the former CEO, and now chairman of HYBE Labels. Yet, Jin sees him as way more than that.

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Jin (right) | Naver Dispatch

Recently, Jin shared on Weverse that he had a “dinner date” with Bang PD. He later revealed in an interview that the man is also quite the cook! Now, in his Weverse interview with Myungseok Kang, he has revealed how the dinner date was planned.

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Myungseok said to Jin, “It’s amazing that two people with so much influence and things to do can take the time to relax together.” Jin, on the other hand, said that he doesn’t think much of it.

People around the office might feel he is unapproachable, but I don’t find him to be like that. (laughs) So I asked him in passing to have a drink and he suddenly said, ‘Okay, when are you free?’

— Jin

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Like most of us with busy schedules, it’s hard to make plans with friends! The two struggled to find the time when they are both free and can hang out. But, luckily, they were finally able to meet up for dinner after work.

Most of the time, though, I only meet like that on a spur of the moment, so I said, ‘Uh, I’m busy right now. This day’s all booked up, too, and so’s this day.’ (laughs) ‘Then just give me a rough time and I’ll make time when you’re done.’ We talked back and forth like that and he came to see me the next day for dinner when I was all finished with work. And he said he’d cook for me and buy wine, too. Anyway, it was a nice meal.

— Jin

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Myungseok wondered if Jin has always been this effortlessly comfortable with Bang PD since he is basically BTS’s boss, after all. He added, “You couldn’t have felt that comfortable with him before your debut (laughs) but as time passed, many things have changed. Everyone became so successful, too.” Jin then confessed his true feelings from pre-debut.

You could say that I was in a position where I was looking for a job when I was a trainee. At the time, I thought people who got chosen seemed really cool, but by contrast I had no confidence. I don’t think it would’ve actually happened this way, but I thought if I talked to someone who found work, they would give me the cold shoulder, sort of. So I didn’t feel very confident.

— Jin

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So, even the best of us can get nervous. But, what’s important is to, like Jin, overcome it. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you’re missing. In Jin’s case, it would have been a delicious homecooked meal prepared by Bang PD!

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