BTS’s Jin Hopes ARMYs Are “Happier” Because Of Him

“I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies…”

It’s not news to anyone that BTS‘s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin is one of the most compassionate individuals. He takes care of not only his fellow members but also ARMY. Everything he does, he thinks of the best interest of everyone. He tries to be a happy person radiating positive energy for anyone who comes in contact with him.

BTS’s Jin (right) attempting to cheer up a sick J-Hope (left) by giving him RJ | Bring The Soul

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, Jin talked about his friendship with Bang Si Hyuk, the importance of self-care, rapping for 2021 MUSTER Sowoozoo, and happiness.

Interviewer Myungseok Kang asked Jin about his latest solo song release, “Abyss.” He said to Jin, “You were very forthcoming about the psychological difficulties you revealed in the lyrics and what you wrote about the song.” He asked him what effect releasing “Abyss” had on him. Jin explained that it was a “relief.”

I want my fans to picture me as being happy and I don’t actually want them to know that I feel that way, but now and then I feel the need to talk about what’s inside me. It’s been a few years since I expressed it in a song or explained anything about it so I feel a tiny bit relieved.

— Jin

Myungseok then talked to him about some specific lyrics. He mentioned how “I want to know more about you today” overlaps with the line, “I hold my breath and enter my ocean.” Myungseok commented, “To make a song that’s like you’re meeting your own inner self.”

Even I don’t know myself very well, and I was also depressed at the time, and that’s how I chose to face that part of myself. I never had a chance to meet myself, and I just feel like I was submerged in my own ocean and came back up to walk on the beach.

— Jin

Jin also revealed in the interview that he believes that it takes him a while longer than the other members to learn choreography and lyrics. As a result, he works extra hard and spends extra time practicing. So, Myungseok later asked him, “Where do you find the ambition to keep working hard, even now?” Not to much surprise, Jin replied,From ARMY’s reactions, of course.”

I’d say I’m trying harder and trying to do well without exhausting myself so I can see people on Twitter or Weverse saying I’ve improved or that I’m doing a good job. And these days we have to do the performances on film, and we shoot them in advance for the sake of quality.

— Jin

Jin explained again that because sometimes they record performances now long before anything is released, he cannot always share as much online with ARMYs as he’d like to. Yet, he loves seeing their reactions to everything when he finally can.

Because of that, we usually record the performances long before the songs get released, which means we have to change our looks for the recording. It’s hard to go public with my new look until anything’s officially released for that reason, or else there could be spoilers. That makes me all the more eager to show off the best parts of myself in our performances. If it weren’t for the current situation, I could instantly see our fans’ reactions, so it’s a shame they can’t see me working this hard.

— Jin

Finally, Myungseok asked Jin if there were a message he would like to send to ARMY. Jin said that while he is not one to say anything too heartwarming or “cheesy,” he really hopes that “fans don’t lose their laughter.”

I hope our fans don’t lose their laughter. I’m not really good at saying those kinds of cheesy things. It’s not in my personality. I feel embarrassed and cringey when I talk like that and I can’t take myself seriously, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

— Jin

Knowing the importance of self-care, relaxation, and hobbies, he recognizes how special it is that ARMYs choose to enjoy BTS as part of their free time. Because of this, he tries to make sure ARMYs are happy. So, he spends his own free moments making funny posts online.

But fans watch us as a hobby, you know? Hobbies are all about enjoying yourself and being able to laugh, so I want to look happy for them, not exhausted. I go out of my way to make funny posts or leave funny replies on Weverse to make them happier. I just hope anyone who likes me is happy. And I don’t want them to see anything bad. That’s how I feel about my work.

— Jin

You don’t even have to try, Jin… We’re always happier just because of your existence!

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Source: Image (1) and (2) and Weverse Magazine