BTS’s Jin Reveals Why He Doesn’t Post Selfies As Often Anymore

We miss his selfies!

BTS‘s Jin is one of the most photogenic people ever. He seriously can’t take a bad picture, and he takes selfies so effortlessly as he has no bad angles.

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

The biggest struggle for a Jin-biased ARMY is “Which picture of Jin do I choose for my lockscreen?” Well, lately, we have not had that particular struggle as much as we have in the past…

Some ARMYs have noticed a lack of selfies from Jin these days. So, one ARMY on Weverse posted a message for Jin, asking him if he would share a selfie of himself smiling.


Can you share a selfie of you smiling?
Your smile is the most precious thing in this world to me. ❤️

And your smile is the most beautiful thing in this world, other than you yourself. ❤️
You may not know me, but I love you. And you helped me when I needed you the most. And I’m grateful for that. ❤️

I love you. ❤️


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Jin actually did reply to the post, but, unfortunately, not in the way that we had hoped. Rather than sharing a selfie, he explained why he has not been sharing any lately, although he wants to.

I really want to share selfies too but… it has been a while since I’ve taken any T-T because I have to think about which outfits I can or cannot reveal, depending on when the shows will air and stuff.

— Jin

| BTS/Weverse

Rather than run the risk of spoiling any upcoming shows or events, Jin is continuing to refrain from taking pictures and posting them. With as busy of a schedule as BTS has these days, it’s completely understandable. Nonetheless, we still miss his iconic selfies! When might we see another smiling Jin with his peace sign?

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The last time that Jin updated with a selfie was actually a couple of days ago to let ARMYs know about his traumatic run-in experience with a glass window that left him with a bump on his forehead. Perhaps, he will give us a progress report on his recovery soon!

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Source: Weverse