Two ARMYs Go Viral After Competing For BTS’s J-Hope On “The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive”

“POV: Me and my ARMY bestie 😂”

It was recently announced that BTS‘s J-Hope would be a special guest on KBS 2TV show The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive with host Jay Park, and after ARMYs got a sneak preview of the episode through videos from attendees, the full episode finally aired. 

BTS’s J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

During the episode, J-Hope performed some of his hit songs, turning the show into his own personal concert.

J-Hope mesmerized fans as he performed “Arson,” “Chicken Noodle Soup,” and “MORE,” and danced to “Dynamite (Tropical Remix),” “Butter (Holiday Remix),” and Jay Park’s “Blue Check.”

| KBS Kpop

Even during the talking portion of the show, J-Hope expertly worked the crowd, sitting with ARMYs in the audience, flustering fans as he made eye contact with them.

While he was performing, he continued his fun interactions with the audience, shaking hands, accepting flowers, and genuinely having a good time in an intimate setting with fans.

| KBS Kpop 

After official videos from the episode were released, netizens spotted two specific ARMYs in the audience who went viral for their hilarious competing signs for J-Hope.

The “Yoongi Marry Me” trend takes over BTS’s events, both live and in-person, and has influenced fans to begin asking other members to marry them too.

This time, two ARMYs took the trend to The Seasons: Jay Park’s Drive, asking J-Hope to marry them. One ARMY held their phone, which displayed “Hoseok marry me,” while the ARMY next to them held a phone that hilariously displayed “Pick me, not her.

| @uarmyvibe/Twitter

ARMYs reacted to the viral moment, and many couldn’t relate more to the two iconic ARMYs.

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