“Step On Me!”: BTS’s J-Hope Takes ARMYs’ Thirst Comments Seriously

He read some thirsty comments.👀

Thirst tweets are becoming increasingly common, so much so that they aren’t just on Twitter. Fans will post thirsty comments on Weverse, during live broadcasts, and more, and even celebrities are reading them.

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BuzzFeed has a popular YouTube series where celebrities read selected thirst tweets about them. Many K-Pop idols have participated, including Eric Nam, Wonho, GOT7’s Jay B, Mark Tuan, and Jackson Wang (just to name a few).

BuzzFeed previously teased about BTS guesting on the series, causing quite a commotion among ARMYs on Twitter.

While we likely won’t get BTS on “Thirst Tweets” anytime soon, J-Hope did shockingly read a couple of thirsty comments during his recent live broadcast…


J-Hope held a live broadcast to celebrate the release of his new single “on the street,” featuring his idol, American music artist J. Cole.

He went live outside, and he was totally serving boyfriend vibes. It felt like a date POV.

Yet, things took a turn when a fan commented, “woof woof,” representing barking. So, J-Hope switched things up and started treating ARMYs like his puppy, and honestly, we’re not mad at it. As TXT said, “I just wanna be your dog!”

That’s not all, though. J-Hope read another thirsty comment, “Step on me,” and took it quite seriously. So, he set us down and began “stomping” on the camera.

ARMYs were not expecting J-Hope not only to read comments such as these but even more so, they never thought he’d go so far as to actually “step on us.”


WHY IS HE LIKE THIS 😭😭😂🤣 #foryoupage #kpopforyoupage #btsarmy #btsxarmy #bts_official_bighit #bts #junghoseok #hobi #jhope

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It was quite an eventful live broadcast. We can now say we’ve gone on a date with J-Hope but also been stepped on by him…

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