This Is Not A Drill: BTS’s RM Knows All About Your Thirst Posts

He sees everything fans are doing online.

Uh oh. It’s time to “Delete Yourself” again!

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From ARMY’s inside jokes to memes, BTS knows everything, and the members have a habit of exposing fans in funny ways. For example, Jin accidentally outed a Jimin stan with the username “JMisThicc” by commenting on their post…

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…and RM shared a screenshot of fans’ questionable BTS Universe Story “episodes” on Weverse.

Recently, a fan shared a photo of Jin from a concert with the caption, “BigHit forgot the censorship.” In videos, Big Hit Entertainment often covers BTS up with emojis if the members show skin.

Chances are, this fan wasn’t expecting RM to see the post, let alone comment on it, but that’s exactly what happened.

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Immediately, ARMYs began freaking out and wondering how RM stumbled upon that particular post. Just how much has he seen? How much does he know?

In conclusion:

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