ARMYs Imagine What BTS’s V Would Have Sounded Like On IU’s “Love Wins All”

An AI cover is going viral.

Recently, soloist IU made her comeback with the single “Love Wins All.” The music video features BTS‘s V, much to ARMYs’ excitement.

Yet, some initially believed V would also be featured on the song. They were surprised to watch the music video and realize he was just the featured co-star and hadn’t lent his voice.

AI Director’s YouTube channel uploaded a video of clips from the original music video but used an AI-created audio that imagines V and IU singing a duet version of “Love Wins All.” It garnered 288K views at the time of writing.

The sound has also gone viral on TikTok. Netizens wished that this duet had been a reality.

Oh … is it really though?? IS IT !?! THIS GON BE ON REPEAT 🗣️💋

♬ original sound – Yoongi’s $3 chain

| @u_got_me_jungshook/TikTok

They only hope now that a remix will be released that features V.

Source: u_got_me_jungshook