ARMYs Worldwide Are Spreading The Warmth With Donations To Celebrate BTS V’s Birthday

ARMYs and BTS are making a positive impact in the world.

ARMYs all over the world are showing acts of kindness through donations to celebrate BTS V’s birthday.




A Korean V fanclub site called NUNA V donated briquettes in V’s name to help people stay warm this winter. They collected 1,230 briquettes from Seoul, Incheon, Daegu, Busan, and Gangneung, for a total of 6,150 briquettes.





China’s Baidu Vbar also created a ‘2019 KIM TAEHYUNG Birthday Project’ called Vionysus and donated to build a road, bridge, and classroom to help students get to and from school easier.





ARMYs also donated 100 sets of lunchboxes to the Geochang-gun area to feed children at the local children center. V was known to have spent his elementary and middle school days in Geochang.





Chile ARMYs donated to COANIQUEM under V’s name to help rehabilitate children with burns and scars.





CHINA’s Baidu Vbar also held a public charity and donated books as well as a scholarship for 3 schools Taehyung attended.






Vietnamese ARMYs celebrated V’s birthday by donating to build a bridge connecting Hoa Long commune and Long Thang commune in the Dong Thap province. They titled the bridge “happiness” in honor of Taehyung.






Fan club PurpleV worked with coffee company Coffeesmith to hand out special birthday cup holders for V’s birthday. They also handed out hot packs and stickers as well.




ARMYs have shown through their actions what a positive influence V and BTS has had on them. People are excited to see what other great achievements ARMY and BTS will make together in 2020!





Happy birthday to Kim Taehyung!

Source: newsen


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