How Do K-Pop Idols Feel About Voice AI Covers? NCT DREAM Express Their Honest Feelings

Fan created AI covers are extremely popular on TikTok.

The debate over the usage of artificial intelligence in the art world has not escaped K-Pop. While there are some applications of AI that fans are accepting of like aespa‘s virtual versions

aespa and their AIs with an interviewer. | Naver

…there are just as many that cause concern, like the creation of fully AI groups like MAVE: and the worry computerized members will take the shine from actual humans, like in the case of SUPERKIND.

MAVE: | Metaverse Entertainment
SUPERKIND | Deep Studio Entertainment

Fans have also expressed concern over the ability to use artificial intelligence to have idols do anything. Deep fakes have become a concern, especially after a clip of BTS‘s Jin doing Stray Kids‘ “S-Class” challenge went viral.

A Video Of BTS’s Jin Covering Stray Kids’ “S-Class” Has Fans Confused And Concerned

AI has also been used to create vocal covers using the voices of idols and has been generally well received by fans, like one of Dean singing NewJeans‘ “NewJeans.”

But what do K-Pop idols think about AI-generated vocal covers using their voices? NCT DREAM recently shared their feelings on the matter.

NCT DREAM | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Following another date of their successful The Dream Show 2: In Your Dream Latin American tour, NCT DREAM sat down for an Instagram live stream after the show.

| @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

The topic of AI-generated covers arose, and NCT DREAM shared overwhelming negative feelings about using AI for vocal covers. Chenle even went as far as to say that these AI covers made their job as singers feel pointless.

Jaemin: What can’t the world do these days? 
Jeno: it’s right
Jisung: These days, I don’t need to sing a song because it can be sang by I am. I’m shocked. 
Chenle: That’s why I hate AI
Renjun: I don’t like it either.
Jisung: Me, too
Jaemin: Everyone, this is something we can’t help but the world is changed. 
Mark: It feels like the music is changing really fast
Jaemin: We need AI, too.
Chenle: We need it but if singing was done by AI like this, then what is the meaning of what we do? It feels like that.

Chenle’s feelings reflect those of other artists who have already begun losing jobs to AI used by those who don’t see the value in traditional art. Regardless of how AI progresses, NCT DREAM can be assured that they will not be replaced in their fan’s hearts!

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