The Little Artist Behind BTS’s Jimin’s “Winter Package” Drawing Is A Familiar Face

They were proud to draw “Uncle Jimin.”

For BTS‘s 2021 BTS Winter Package In Gangwon, the group received help from little children on drawings of each member for a guessing game. Though they didn’t reveal the children’s identities, the artist behind Jimin‘s was recently revealed.

When BTS originally saw the drawing of Jimin, they praised the child for their art skills and said their style was reminiscent of famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat.

After finding out the drawing was indeed himself, Jimin didn’t know who the artist was but wanted to share his appreciation. He said, “I wish I could say thanks, but I don’t know the kid’s name.” It turns out that it was someone familiar to them and fans.

The artist was the son of BTS and TXT‘s Choreographer, Son Sung Deuk. Son Sung Deuk’s wife posted a photo of their son Moa drawing the picture that Jimin loved so much.

Moa | shine.uu/Instagram

With the photo’s caption fondly calling him Uncle Jimin, it made everyone soft.

Uncle Jimin, I’m the one who drew your portrait! #IAmThatBasquiat

— Moa

Even when they didn’t know it was Moa’s artwork, they proved they still love everything he does.

V holding Moa.

The mystery behind Jimin’s artsy portrait has now been solved, with a lovable twist.