Legendary Idol Stands By Her Boyfriend Amid Intense Backlash

Fans have been pleading for her to break up with her boyfriend.

Former Wonder Girls member Yubin publicly supported her boyfriend amid controversy.


On September 25, Korean tennis player Kwon Soon Woo uploaded an apology to his Instagram.

In the post, the tennis player apologized to the Korean public for his egregious actions after being defeated by Thailand’s Samrej Kasidit in the 2022 Asian Games (Played in 2023 due to COVID-19).

Hello, this is Kwon Soon Woo.

I did something shameful as a National Team athlete after the loss to Samrej Kasidit in the second round of the Asian Games.

I apologize to everyone rooting for the National Team and those in the audience. I’m sorry.

— Kwon Soon Woo

The player then apologized to Samrej Kasidit before reflecting on his actions.

I apologize again to Samrej Kasidit, whom I offended with my actions.

I sincerely regret and am reflecting on my actions after the match. I will be more wary of the responsibilities as an athlete playing for the Korean flag and will be more careful in the future.

I apologize again to all those who love sports.

— Kwon Soon Woo

Previously, the athlete garnered international condemnation for his unsportsmanlike conduct after his match when Kwon Soon Woo was seen slamming his racket on the court.

The player also didn’t shake hands with his opponent before storming off.

Samrej Kasidit | Bangkok Post

Despite the controversy, Yubin stood by her boyfriend’s side by publicly displaying her support and liked his apology.

This comes as Yubin also faced criticism and calls for her to break up with her boyfriend in light of the controversy.

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