Fans Demand Better Treatment For ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

The lack of promotions is alarming.

Fans are calling on Fantagio to better treat ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo (also romanized as Cha Eun Woo).

Cha Eunwoo

Cha Eunwoo will soon make his solo debut with mini-album titled Entity on February 15. After a decade-long career, this is a special milestone for the idol-actor.


Despite this, Fantagio has done little promotion concerning Cha Eunwoo and his upcoming album. Netizens pointed out that ASTRO’s official social media accounts, including X (formerly Twitter), TikTok, and Instagram, have not been updated to promote Cha Eunwoo’s upcoming debut. This includes social media posts, headers, etc.

All promotions for Cha Eunwoo’s debut have been through his individual social media accounts. It appears his X account was created so that the group’s pages wouldn’t share content regarding Eunwoo.

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But it seems weird, considering Fantagio previously posted ASTRO members’ solo and unit content. Besides, since it’s new, ASTRO still has more followers than Cha Eunwoo’s account. So, it would reach more people if shared on both his group’s social media accounts and his own.

ASTRO’s X account has retweeted just a few promotions regarding Cha Eunwoo’s album. Yet, there have been no original posts or anything on Instagram.

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There have also been no announcements confirming schedules, music show promotions, etc. At this point, fans feel like Fantagio is treating Cha Eunwoo’s debut like nothing as if he was releasing just another K-Drama OST.

Consequently, fans are trending “CHA EUNWOO DESERVES BETTER” and “#FANTAGIOrespectCHAEUNWOO” on X. They are calling on Fantagio to promote Cha Eunwoo.

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Cha Eunwoo’s Entity will be released in just a couple of days on February 15.

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