ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Bought A Luxury Penthouse And Netizens Can’t Believe How Much Money He’s Made In Record Time

He flexed his wealth by paying for the penthouse — all in cash.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo recently purchased a new home and not only is it making headlines for its luxury, but he’s shocking netizens for acquiring such wealth in what they believe is a short amount of time.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo.

It’s been reported that the 24-year-old recently acquired an impressive luxury penthouse located in Cheongdam-dong, which is in the Gangnam district of Seoul. This area is famously known to be an affluent neighborhood, as only the richest of the rich reside here.

Cheongdam-dong luxury shopping villa located in Gangnam district | Naver

Cha Eunwoo’s new home was previously owned by Choi Chi Hoon, who is the Chairman of Directors at Samsung C&T. And while the penthouse was priced at a whopping ₩4.90 billion KRW (about $4.17 million USD), it was reported that the idol member purchased it with no loans — and all in cash.

The penthouse is reportedly structured to be like an apartment building with roughly around 20 floors, but Cha Eunwoo will be living in the utmost privacy since there is only 1 unit per floor. This means that the ASTRO member will be the only resident on his floor, as his new home will be taking up the entire floor that he lives on.

| Fantagio

And while all of that is truly impressive on its own, Korean netizens realized that Cha Eunwoo’s wealth came rather quickly, as he has not been in the industry for all that long. In the midst of their congratulations, they couldn’t help but be shocked at his riches.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, Cha Eunwoo is already at this level? That’s amazing.”
  • “He’s at this level of wealth already…what about his other members…I wonder if there’s too big of a gap now for him to promote with his group?”
  • “He’s really rich now.”
  • “Eunwoo-ya, please just be happy.”
  • “I am so jealous Eunwoo.”
  • “Wow he earned a lot of money.”
  • “Eunwoo has everything.”
  • “Wow, all in cash.”
| tvN

Having debuted with ASTRO back in 2015, he has only been in the Korean entertainment industry for 6 years. Being able to purchase a home at that level of luxury means that Cha Eunwoo has accumulated an incredible amount of wealth during his 6 year career.


However, it may not be all that surprising to some given his diligent work ethic and the constant promotions he’s kept up with since his debut. In addition to that, not only does Cha Eunwoo promote as an ASTRO member, but he has been busy with his active promotions as an actor as well.

He continues to appear in different productions, with his resume including ID: Gangnam BeautyRookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung, True Beauty, and more.

Cha Eunwoo in “True Beauty” | tvN

Cha Eunwoo has also quickly gone on to become one of the most highly sought after male endorsement models. The handsome singer and actor has been featured as the model for dozens of brands and products, such as fried chicken, soju, cologne, clothing, and more.

Cha Eunwoo as the endorsement model for soju brand “Leeje Woorin.”

So while Cha Eunwoo’s career may only be 6 years old, his constant hustle and endless activities seems to have paid off in the end. Congratulations to Cha Eunwoo and his new luxurious home! 

Source: theqoo and WikiTree