ASTRO’s Moonbin And Sanha Are Surprised By A Special Guest At Their “DIFFUSION” Fan Con

And ASTRO’s JinJin surprised fans by hosting the event.

ASTRO‘s unit group Moonbin & Sanha just held the first day of their fan con world tour, DIFFUSION.

Fans were beyond excited to see Moonbin and Sanha’s impressive performances, as the duo always show off their impressive skills and energy.

And ASTRO’s leader JinJin was the MC for the event, making the first DIFFUSION fan con feel even more meaningful.

ASTRO’s Moonbin, JinJin, and Sanha | @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

But not only did JinJin surprise fans by appearing as the MC, but Cha Eunwoo surprised even Moonbin and Sanha by attending the event.

Which fans felt made it “even more precious.”

Cha Eunwoo even made sure to participate alongside fans in the fan con, enjoying the event to the fullest.

All four members even shared the stage together, giving fans unexpected, endearing interactions.

Fans love seeing ASTRO’s incredibly close bond and even recently noticed that, despite having left the group, Rocky still appeared to be wearing his ASTRO friendship ring, which all six members got before MJ enlisted in the military.

No matter what, there’s no denying that ASTRO have an incredible bond.

ASTRO’s Moonbin, Cha Eunwoo, Sanha, and JinJin | @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter


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