ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Is Praised For His Acting By “Decibel” Co-Star And Director

Co-star Kim Rae Won had high praise for the actor.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo is receiving praise from his Decibel co-stars and director for his improved acting.

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Decibel is a moving starring Lee Jong Suk, Kim Rae Won, and Cha Eunwoo. The movie is an action thriller revolving around a terrorist (Lee Jong Suk) and a former Navy officer (Kim Rae Won). Cha Eunwoo plays an acoustic bomb detector who specializes in detecting bombs underwater by using acoustic instruments and works to stop the terrorist.

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Cha Eunwoo first started acting in 2014 through the movie, My Brilliant Life and has since starred in a variety of roles, proving his range as an actor. In Decibel, Cha Eunwoo continues to prove his versatility by showing audiences a side of the actor that has never been seen before.

SBS News praised Cha Eunwoo’s acting in Decibel, stating that the actor had more than held his own acting besides veterans Kim Rae Won and Lee Jong Suk.

Although Cha Eunwoo has gained immense popularity by acting in dramas, there have been times when his acting has been a little shaky. However, in this project, he finds a perfect medium while acting out his character and is able to hold his own while acting alongside experienced veterans.

— SBS News

The actor’s co-workers also had high praise for the actor. Veteran actor Kim Rae Won praised the actor’s work ethic.

He definitely did his part. He really works hard. Despite having difficult scenes to act out, he was able to pull it off incredibly well.

— Kim Rae Won

The movie’s director, Hwang In Ho, also gave Cha Eunwoo his flowers, emphasizing the importance of the the actor’s character, and praised Cha Eunwoo for his acting.

Actor Cha Eunwoo’s character is an important character who may very well be responsible for the start and finish of the movie. All of his scenes were difficult, but I was shocked to see how well he acted in them.

— Cha Eunwoo

Can’t wait to see Cha Eunwoo’s new movie? Decibel will be released on November 16. Make sure to check out the movie’s trailer in the link below.

Source: sbs
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