ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo Shows Up At Lee Seung Gi’s Wedding, Turns The Venue Into His Personal Runway

Koreans have since playfully dubbed him “Lee Seung Gi’s most inconvenient guest.” 😂😂😂

On April 7 (KST), singer-and-actor Lee Seung Gi tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Lee Da In, with the most extravagant lineup of guests celebrating the occasion.

Lee Seung Gi (left) and Lee Da In (right) at their wedding. | SPOTV NEWS

At the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas Hotel in the affluent neighborhood of Gangnam, where the couple said their vows, the press awaited the guests at a photo wall. From K-Pop idols to veteran actors, the venue was packed with beloved Korean celebrities!

The photo wall at Lee Seung Gi’s wedding. | JTBC

Among all the familiar faces was ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo. The K-Pop idol also showed up to congratulate his All The Butlers co-star—dressed in a clean, classic white dress shirt.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo | Dispatch

His “face genius” visuals stole the spotlight for a bit as he posed for the press cameras and shared a short and sweet message for his hyung!

I love Seung Gi hyung. I’m happy that hyung is getting married. I want the best for him and his bride!

— Cha Eunwoo

When the flood of press photos began circulating online…

Korean press photos of Cha Eunwoo at Lee Seung Gi’s wedding. | Google

… fans poked fun at how Cha Eunwoo turned the hotel into his personal catwalk for a hot minute…

…and dubbed him with an endearing nickname of being Lee Seung Gi’s “most inconvenient guest” for “stealing the spotlight from the actual stars of the wedding!

| theqoo
  • “How is he even human…”
  • “THANK YOU.”
  • “The most inconvenient guest because of his visuals, LMAO.”
  • “Please come to my wedding, too. AS THE GROOM.”
  • “Wowza. His face really is an inconvenience. He’s stealing the spotlight!”
  • “There’s a place for Eunwoo in my heart.”
  • “I wonder if he ever gets bad photo days.”
  • “Insane.”
  • “Wait for me, Eunwoo. You and I can tie the knot there, too.”
  • “His face is HOLY HALLELUJAH…”
| theqoo
  • “Even in the group photos, there’s ONE FACE that stands out. It had to be Eunwoo.”
  • “Wow, a prince IRL.”
  • “Look at that bod. WTH?”
  • “He’s so handsome.”
  • “Hear me out. He’s too good-looking that I’m not even going to desire him. But I do want him to star in a lot of shows for the good of all humans. Get married when the time’s right. Have a lot of babies that look like him. You know?”
  • “What a sculpture!”
  • “Hallelujah indeed.”
  • “Eunwoo needs to wear a mask to these things… Haha. His face is out of this world.”
  • “Oh, wow…”
  • “Not going to invite him to my wedding… What a terrible guest, stealing all the attention!”
  • “I want him at my wedding… AS MY GROOM.”
  • “Did he lose weight? I hope he’s feeding himself well! T-T”

Check out Cha Eunwoo own his photo wall moment here.

Source: Dispatch and theqoo


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