Netizens Criticize Cha Eunwoo For Taking Photos At Trump Tower

Netizens accused Cha Eunwoo of being a Trump supporter because of these photos.

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo recently came under fire for posting a photo of Trump Tower, but fans are coming to his defense.


ASTRO is currently in the US for the stateside leg of their 2nd ASTROAD TOUR. So far, they have performed in New York, and will soon be performing in Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco before flying out to Hong Kong.


Along the way, Cha Eunwoo has been sharing photos of ASTRO’s travels with fans on his personal Instagram, which recently reached 1 million followers.


One post, however, received backlash from netizens. In it, Cha Eunwoo poses in front of Trump Tower, the headquarters for The Trump Organization, which was named for President Donald Trump.


President Trump is a controversial figure, both within the US and abroad. Some netizens accused Cha Eunwoo of showing support for President Trump with these photos.


In response, fans pointed out that Cha Eunwoo does not know much about the US, and they believe that he posed at Trump Tower because it is a popular tourist stop. Some fans have criticized netizens for jumping to conclusions, and have even accused them of hypocrisy.


Cha Eunwoo’s post has since been deleted, but a little criticism hasn’t stopped him from sharing new adventures with fans, including this one from Dallas. ASTRO will be performing at The Theatre at Grand Prairie tonight, at 7 PM.