ASTRO’s Jinjin Tests Positive For Covid-19

He has tested positive.

ASTRO‘s Jinjin has tested positive for Covid-19 and as a result, fellow members Moonbin and Sanha are undergoing testing.

In a statement shared on ASTRO’s fancafe earlier this evening KST, Jinjin initially tested negative but after experiencing symptoms, he tested again and tested positive.

Hello, this is Fantagio.

On September 16, Jinjin’s condition wasn’t well so as a precaution, he went to get a PCR Covid test, and the result of that test was negative.

However on September 18, his condition once again wasn’t good, so he took another PCR Covid test and the result that came out on September 19 was positive.

Currently he is following all guidelines from health authorities and is isolated as he awaits further instructions.

Fellow members Moonbin and Sanha were in contact with Jinjin, and they alongside all staff members have taken PCR Covid tests and are awaiting their results. For the time being, we have halted all of their schedules and they are in self isolation.

We are sorry for causing you to worry and ask for your understanding, and we will place the safety and health of our artists first. We will do our best so our artist can recover their health quickly.

— Fantagio

Source: ASTRO