ASTRO Will Be Meeting Fans Through Their Special Online “Ontact” Concert Experience

ASTRO’s concert is coming!

AROHA will be able to meet ASTRO through a special “ontact” concert experience.

On June 1, fans were presented with the amazing news that ASTRO will be holding an “ontact concert” — a new interactive concert experience and show that will allow them to connect with fans online.

Through the concert and show scheduled to take place on June 28, ASTRO will be able to showcase a variety of their songs as well as their various charms. The production for their “ontact” performance also promises to give fans a unique experience.

Adding onto the growing excitement for the concert is the fact that this will be ASTRO’s first concert with a full lineup in almost a year and six months since their second concert The 2nd ASTROAD to Seoul.

Image: @offclastro/Twitter

Announcing the experience, Fantagio Entertainment stated, “We are thrilled to announce the good news to fans who have been saddened by the long delay of the previous scheduled fan meeting and concert. ASTRO are doing their best to prepare and show you good performances, so please look forward to it!

Specific information like ticketing will be announced later through Fantagio Entertainment’s official SNS accounts.

Meanwhile, ASTRO were also recently announced as part of the lineup for KCON‘s upcoming KCON:TACT 2020 SUMMER which will be taking place from June 20 through June 26.

Source: Herald Pop