ASTRO Members Cha Eunwoo, Sanha, And SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu Pay Tribute To ASTRO’s Moonbin In Heartfelt Letters At Memorial Site

The idols expressed how much they love and miss Moonbin.

ASTRO members Eunwoo (also known as Cha Eunwoo), Sanha, and SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu paid tribute to the late Moonbin.

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The K-Pop industry is still mourning the loss of ASTRO’s bright star, Moonbin. The idol sadly passed away on April 19.

The tragic incident shook the K-Pop industry, and fans, along with many of its stars, mourned the tragic loss. To help fans grieve, ASTRO’s agency, Fantagio, set up a memorial space for the late idol.

Moonbin’s memorial site | @Kshy56/Twitter

Amongst the many letters and flowers for the idol, a netizen found and uploaded letters written by Moonbin’s fellow ASTRO members Eunwoo and Sanha, as well as, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu.

In a post, the netizen uploaded the letters while also giving context to just how close the members were with Moonbin.

The three of them (Eunwoo, Sanha, and Mingyu) are said to have come together in the earlier morning and left after writing letters. It is said that Sanha seemed to smile and that they all seemed to be doing alright.

For context, Eunwoo was the only member that was the same age as Moonbin (Moonbin was born in early 1998, and Eunwoo was born in 1997), and Sanha, until recently, was promoting in a unit with Moonbin.

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Below are the translations of the letter.

Sanha and Eunwoo’s letter | theqoo

Member Sanha wrote how much he missed Moonbin. In his letter, it is evident how much Moonbin adored his younger member.

Hyung, are you well? I miss you a lot. I still feel like I can see you, hyung. If you saw me like this, I know you would scold me, but for now, please understand. Like you said, hyung, I’ll be happy, I promise you. I love you so much, and I love you.

— Sanha

Member Eunwoo wrote in a manner that shows how close the two were. Eunwoo stated that he missed his close friend and wished him happiness.

I miss you tonight, you bad guy. I came with Sanha while on a stroll. Why do
I miss and regret all the things that we did together that I took for granted, even the very little things?…
I hope you are hundreds of times happier where you are. Don’t worry about what you left behind because I’ll take responsibility and take care of them. You did so well. I love you, and I am sorry, friend.

— Eunwoo

Eunwoo also left behind the heartfelt lyrics to ASTRO’s “We Still.”

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Even after the countless seasons, we’ve weathered together, we still, we still, we’re still together. Even if we are reunited at another time, we still, we still. This confession will never change. I will protect you.

— Eunwoo

SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu also wrote a letter to his late friend in which he recollected a fond memory of the late idol. In his letter, Mingyu reminisces about the time he spoke with Moonbin until the morning, revealing their close friendship.

Mingyu’s letter | theqoo

Hello Bin,
Thanks to you, I am visiting your label. My biggest memory of you is of that day we talked until the morning. Do you remember? I told you, who had so many worries, that there isn’t an idol who is good at everything like you… That’s all that I said. I’ll work harder!!! Don’t hurt anymore, and laugh more. I am sorry. You did well, friend. If I see you again, I’ll take you out for some fish cake and soju! Root on your members from afar, and my favorite song is “Waterfall.” Let’s be happy, friend.

— Mingyu

Many of the late idol’s closest friends and family also wrote letters to Moonbin. You can read them in the link below.

K-Pop Idols Closest To ASTRO’s Moonbin Write Emotional Letters To The Star At His Memorial

Source: theqoo