K-Pop Idols Closest To ASTRO’s Moonbin Write Emotional Letters To The Star At His Memorial

The heartfelt letters came from his sister, members, and close friend!

On April 19, one of K-Pop’s beloved idols, ASTRO’s Moonbin, sadly passed away.

ASTRO’s Moonbin | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

The tragic news shocked the K-Pop industry, and many of its biggest stars mourned the idol. One fan shared some emotional letters from those closest to the idol that was seen amongst the letters.

In a post, the fan shared photos of the tributes, including letters, flowers, and gifts left from netizens for Moonbin.

Fan pictures of the tributes from fans | @xxsoranixx/Instagram
| @xxsoranixx/Instagram
| @xxsoranixx/Instagram

Amongst the letters, the fan pointed out that some idols extremely close to the idol shared their own letters. The first letter that was shared had netizens very emotional because it was from Moonbin’s young sister, Billlie‘s Moon Sua.

In the letter, Moon Sua shared an emotional letter to her brother, sharing her feelings but also ensuring that she will continue to follow her dreams and continue to speak to him if she’s having a hard time.

Oppa, it’s me, you’re one and only precious little sister Sua :( I came too! I’ve cried too much, but now I want to stop crying. I’m going to smile a lot now. I’m going to be happy while doing the things I want to do. So, I hope you’re at peace and happy over there. You have to watch over me and see if your little sister is doing well. I’m going to live well, including oppa’s share too. Don’t stop me. Even so, when it gets hard, I’m going to come often to whine to oppa so you have to accept it. You’ve worked hard this whole time. I love you very much and I’m oppa’s little sister forever. Moon siblings forever.

— Billlie’s Moon Sua

Moon Sua’s letter to her brother | @xxsoranixx/Instagram

ASTRO’s oldest member MJ‘s letter was also seen posted by the company. After taking emergency leave for his member, MJ left his heartfelt words in the letter.

My little brother Bin-ah. I came by really late, hyung is sorry. I wonder how lonely, how hard it was for you and how painful it must’ve been for you. If I was nearer to you, I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you.


ASTRO’s leader JinJin was spotted above MJ’s letter. Like Sua, he shared his raw emotions but also his desire to continue his schedules, including his upcoming musical, for Moonbin as well as taking care of his family.

Bin-ah, it’s JinJin hyung. It seems like lots of people came by based on what hyung is seeing when I came. You made a promise with hyung, right? To live while smiling. Just like what you said, I am working hard to live while smiling too. I’m going to start musical rehearsals again, and I will make sure to eat well, including your share. Hyung will take care of dad, mum, and Sua well, so don’t worry. I love you so much, my little brother.

— ASTRO’s JinJin

ASTRO JinJin (top) and MJ (bottom) letters | @xxsoranixx/Instagram

While Moonbin has many friends in the idol industry, one of the closest is SEVENTEEN‘s Seungkwan. In his letter, the idol shared his emotions towards his fellow ’98 liner friend.

Wait a little. I am going to make the whole universe feel like it is yours. I love you, lots and lots of love. When we meet again, you better hug me again.

— SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan

SEVENTEEN Seungkwan’s letter | @xxsoranixx/Instagram

Idols have shared their own messages on social media following the news, and you can read them below.

K-Pop’s Brightest Stars Mourn The Loss Of ASTRO’s Moonbin

Source: @xxsoranixx and theqoo
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