ASTRO’s MJ Announces His Enlistment Date At A Fan Meeting – ASTRO And Fans Alike Are Emotional

Fans were expecting the announcement but…

ASTRO held a fan meeting, GATE 6, to celebrate their six-year anniversary since their debut.

Initially, the fan meeting was scheduled for March 13th, but due to several members testing positive for COVID-19, the fan meeting was delayed until April 9th. The fan meeting was held both online and offline, which allowed global fans to be able to celebrate the event with the members as well.

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

And since the fan meeting was a beautiful moment for both fans and the group…

Oldest member MJ took the opportunity to announce his enlistment date to fans personally.

In an emotional speech towards the end of the fan meeting, MJ announced that he would be enlisting in the South Korean military in early May.

I’m so sorry but today’s fanmeeting is the last one before I enlist in the army. I am joining in early May.


“… is the last one before I enlist in the army…” | @eunulovebot/Twitter

The moment was emotional to both fans and the members alike tearing up, as before MJ’s announcement, the staff played a fan project video of some of the highlights of ASTRO’s career so far.

And fans noticed how the members touchingly put MJ at the center of their ending posing.

Since this was the last fan meeting before MJ’s enlistment, fans were emotional about hearing the group greeting with all six members, since it will be the last time they can hear it at a fan meeting for a while.

But, certainly, MJ is enlisting after having already achieved a lot this year, and fans can look forward to all that ASTRO will continue to accomplish.

You can listen to MJ’s full speech here.