ASTRO’s MJ Leaves A Touching Letter To The Late Moonbin On Instagram

They were supposed to live together.

With the tragic passing of ASTRO‘s Moonbin, the other members each have left letters for their beloved brother. While JinJinEunwoo, Rocky, and Sanha left their notes at the memorial, MJ left a tribute through Instagram. As he is still in the army, it might not have been possible for him to visit the memorial space as and when he desired.

He shared a treasured polaroid of Moonbin saluting him right before he entered the military. He also talked about a suggestion he once made to Moonbin about living together.

My dongsaeng Bin-ah,

It still doesn’t feel real. This is supposed to be how it’s like, right…? Just how lonely and in pain must you have been in alone… You must’ve been suffering… Even in that situation, you were worried about our team and our members to the very end… You should’ve worried about yourself first, you dummy… I’ll try to fulfill the picture you wanted us to draw. I’m sorry for leaving you in pain alone and not being by your side. This is all I can say, and I’m so angry at myself for that… If I knew that my last performance with you was the fan meeting right before I enlisted, I would have tried to meet eyes with you more on stage and joke around more with you, sticking by your side… Sometimes when you’d call and say you would come to visit me in the army, just how happy I was and how much I anticipated for that day to come… It’s still so vivid, your voice back then… Do you remember? We called and talked about how we should live together after I was discharged from the army. When I said that, you laughed and said you’d think about it and let me know… Seems like I’m unable to receive a response in the end^^. I want to hear it even in my dreams, so please visit me and tell me. How kindly and hardworkingly have you lived your life up to now that you have so many people on your side? I’m so proud of you, my cool dongsaeng^^. Promise me one thing!

Don’t be in pain up there, and live more happy than anyone else. And be making a house for us to live in, for when we meet again ><. You’ve worked so hard all this while. Thank you for being a singer. I love you, my dongsaeng, Bin-ah.

— MJ

We’re sure that the two will be reunited in the same house once more when the time comes. Rest in peace, angel.


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