ASTRO Moonbin’s Mother Pens A Letter Urging Netizens Not To Spread Rumors About Her Son

She reached out through the group’s label.

On June 13, KST, ASTRO‘s agency, Fantagio, posted a letter from Moonbin‘s mother addressed to fans and netizens.

Moonbin from ASTRO | @moon_ko_ng/Instagram

In the statement, the singer’s mother expressed her gratitude to fans for their support and sincerity toward Moonbin.

Hello, this is Bin’s mom.

First, I received a lot of comfort from the sincerity of the fans who, even though it was a long distance to travel, visited [Moonbin’s memorials], wrote heartfelt letters, and brought flowers. I sincerely thank you. I hope that all the fans also find comfort and stay in good health.

—Moonbin’s mother in her letter

She continued, saying that aside from these heartfelt gestures from fans, she, unfortunately, came across internet communities where people seem to be brewing baseless speculations about her late son.

The reason that I ended up writing this letter is that, even though I know everyone is honoring and mourning my son, I’ve seen that there have been groundless rumors starting in small online communities.

These kinds of rumors are difficult for me to see as a mother. I am also worried many people will be hurt by these untrue speculations, and the fans who have been grieving for my son might suffer heartbreak.

I don’t want my son to become fodder for gossip, and I request you not to start any more rumors or spread unconfirmed facts.I don’t want the fans whom Bin loved so dearly to live on with broken hearts. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your sincerity.

—Moonbin’s mother in her letter

Fans feel disappointed that a grieving mother had to pen such a difficult letter, despite Fantagio explicitly asking people to refrain from speculating or spreading any misinformation about Moonbin’s passing. They extended their sympathies to the singer’s family.