ASTRO Opens Up About Moonbin’s Hiatus During Comeback Showcase

They opened up about Moonbin’s absence.

ASTRO opened up about how they feel about Moonbin‘s hiatus during their comeback showcase.

On November 20, ASTRO made their comeback with their sixth mini album, Blue Flame with the title track of the same name. They held a showcase for their comeback, where they performed the song for the first time. Among many topics covered at the showcase, Moonbin’s hiatus was also brought up, and the members spoke candidly about it.

Leader JinJin spoke up first, saying how sorry he was to fans that have been waiting for ASTRO. He’d added, however, that Moonbin’s health comes first, and so while they were all sad to be promoting without him, it was a necessary decision that they all continue to stand behind.

I feel sorry for fans that have been waiting for ASTRO. While talking amongst ourselves and the company, we kept saying that Moonbin’s health comes first. That’s why we came to this decision, and although we’re also sad about it, we’ll do our best to perform with the mindset that Moonbin is always here with us, and we’re here together.

Cha Eunwoo continued the sentiment, reiterating how sorry he was towards the fans who waited for them. He further said that they truly feel the absence of Moonbin’s talent and passion [as a performer] in their performances, making them very sad as they hoped to return to the stage as a full group for the first time in a while. He also promised to remember Moonbin in their speech if they win first on a music show!

Moonbin is a really great performer, and we also wanted to return to performances as a full group for the first time in a long time. It’s really sad that we can’t be together right now, and I feel especially sorry towards our fans.

We split up Moonbin’s parts amongst us, and we tried hard and worked even harder to prepare so that his absence won’t be felt as much as possible. We hope that he can be welcomed as warmly as possible when he returns.

If we win first place on a music broadcast, and we get the chance to give a speech, I want to mention Moonbin then.



Your members and fans are rooting for you; we hope you get well soon, Moonbin!


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