ASTRO’s Moonbin Will Take A Temporary Hiatus Due To Health Concerns

Get well soon, Moonbin.

Fantagio Music has revealed that ASTRO’s Moonbin will be taking a temporary hiatus due to health concerns that were discovered as they were preparing for their comeback.

In their statement, Fantagio Music detailed the decision making process that ultimately led them to having Moonbin take a break.

Hello, this is Fantagio Music.

We would like to thank AROHA for always loving ASTRO. We would like to inform you about Moonbin’s temporary hiatus.

While preparing for their comeback album, Moonbin recently visited the hospital for a comprehensive examination. Due to the medical staff’s diagnosis, it was decided that he will temporarily suspend his activites and concentrate on getting sufficient rest and treatment.

Moonbin plans on taking a break for the moment, and focus on rest and treatment. ASTRO will temporarily promote as a 5 member group until Moonbin recovers his health.

Please understand that we’re have decided to temporarily suspend his activites now in exchange for healthier activities in the future. We promise that we will provide our generous support for his recovery.

We are very sorry to have brought trouble to AROHA ahead of ASTRO’s comeback.

Please continue to send your support to Moonbin and the ASTRO members.

Thank you.

— Fantagio Music

ASTRO is scheduled to make their comeback on November 20 with their 6th mini album BLUE FLAME.

Source: Sports Chosun


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