ASTRO’s Rocky Releases A Self-Produced Music Video For “Our Spring”

How sweet is he?

ASTRO’s Rocky prepared a special gift for fans.

Recently, a music video titled “Our Spring” was released on ASTRO’s official YouTube channel.

This track was from their second full-length album, All Yours, and was produced by Rocky himself.

This video is also meaningful to fans as it was self-produced by Rocky in order to thank fans for their love and support.

He also posted a message on Twitter regarding the video, “I filmed bits and pieces during promotions, do you like it? It’s AROHA and ASTRO’s own ‘Our Spring’. Let’s remember this forever while watching this video”.

The video captures different moments of the groups’ promotions for the album, showing a more relatable and fun side to them off stage.

It was revealed that Rocky participated in all aspects of the music video including the filming, editing, and even the font for the subtitles.

On the other hand, ASTRO has recently completed activities for their track, “ONE”.

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