ASTRO’s Sanha Tests Positive For COVID-19 For The Third Time

We hope he recovers soon!

K-Pop idol group ASTRO’s Sanha has tested positive for COVID-19. According to Fantagio, “Our artist Sanha took a rapid antigen test due to poor physical condition and headache and resulted in a positive test.”

They added, “Currently, he has no other symptoms other than a headache and mild cold symptoms and will concentrate on treatment and recovery according to the guidelines by the quarantine authorities. It will be difficult for him to participate in scheduled activities. We will inform you of the schedule for resuming artist activities in the future.”

As a result, the video call and fan sign events scheduled for January 12 and 14 have been postponed. The radio program schedules for January 10 and 13 have been canceled. On the other hand, despite this being Sanha’s third time being diagnosed with COVID-19, member Moonbin has tested negative.

Source: osen


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