ASTRO’s Jinjin Pays Tribute To Moonbin In Heartfelt Letter

“Hello Bin, are you well?”

ASTRO‘s Jinjin uploaded a heartfelt letter to his late friend and member Moonbin, who tragically passed away on April 19.

Jinjin | @ast_jinjin/Instagram

On May 3, Jinjin posted a letter to Moonbin on his Instagram account. The letter’s full translation is available below.

Hello Bin, are you well?

It might be because every time I look at my photo album, you are there, but I still can’t believe it. I’m just going to think that way. I’m just going to believe that I can’t get in contact with you because you are busy doing the things and eating the things you have wanted to and that you will always be with us.

I miss when you would always tell me that whenever you looked at me that it made you smile and how you’d always like whatever I said and would play the most jokes on me. I regret not taking your jokes better and that I didn’t laugh more, but then I think of your smiling face, and I can’t help but laugh along with you. You looked so pretty when you smiled. You know that, right? If you didn’t, I hope you know there.

People around me keep telling me that you visited them in their dreams. Why haven’t you visited me yet? It doesn’t matter what. I just want to see you once, Bin. I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone this earnestly, but I wish, if even for only one day, that we just happily spend a day together.

I have returned to practicing for my musical, and I’m preparing well. I think I made a good decision to do a musical because I spend my days busily and don’t think about things as much, so it’s been good. I feel like the sunbaenims and colleagues all care for me so much. A lot of the people you’ve worked with are here, and they told me how great you were on stage and that you were beloved by them. I was so proud listening to them compliment you. You were someone who deserved to be loved, Bin. Everyone was sincere about you, and everyone sincerely cared and loved you. I hope you know that there, okay?

Bin, my dongseng, who I love so much, let’s laugh a lot. Let’s laugh while we take in happy thoughts and happy news, and please don’t be hurt, and let’s be happy. I love you, my dongseng. Good night.

— Jinjin


Source: @ast_jinjin/Instagram
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