ATEEZ Fans Disappointed By Quality Of ANITEEZ Plushies

The plushies’ appearance changed.

After much anticipation, ATEEZ x ANITEEZ have begun to deliver to ATINYs, but the quality hasn’t met their expectations.

ANITEEZ | KQ Entertainment

On January 29, KQ Entertainment teased ATEEZ‘s animal-based characters. The group’s official social media account posted a mysterious teaser featuring eight blacked-out figures, revealing profile photos of ANITEEZ, ATEEZ’s animal characters, around two hours later. As soon as the plushies were made available for pre-order, fans excitedly purchased them.

ATINYs have waited months for their packages to ship. There have been known delays and production issues, and although the items are to be inspected before sending to customers, many have not arrived in the condition ATINYs had expected.

Last week, ATINYs began receiving their pre-ordered plushes. Yet, they don’t look quite like the ones the ATEEZ members had previously shown us in live broadcasts, content, etc., and they also look different from the ones ATINYs had previously bought at pop-ups.

Some ATINYs have likened the plushes they have received to cheap bootlegs that one might purchase from AliExpress, Temu, Amazon, etc., as there are inconsistencies. However, fans did not pay “cheap” prices, so they were disappointed by the appearance of the plushes they received. Many spent well over $100 USD.

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Some have even joked that it appears that ANITEEZ underwent plastic surgery or dieted. Their appearance looks so different than before.

It seems that KQ Entertainment changed manufacturers, which likely contributed to both the delay and the change in the appearance of the products.

ATINYs are encouraging each other to record unboxing videos to capture evidence of receiving any damaged items or manufactured errored plushes. Many are planning to contact the company and request a refund.

Unfortunately, the plushies were not worth the wait, and ATINYs are disappointed.


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