ATEEZ Are The Biggest ARMYs In Existence

They are inspired by their seniors.

Rookie boy group ATEEZ is impressing everyone in the K-Pop world right now with consecutive successful singles. Their debut songs “Treasure” and “Pirate King” and now “Say My Name” have all blown up in popularity.

But did you know that ATEEZ are huge fans of BTS? They show off their ARMY status at every possible opportunity. Take for instance when Wooyoung and San made a dance cover of “Fake Love”.

Or when Yunho and Mingi did the same for “Idol”.

The whole group did an excellent dance cover of “Fire” on Idol Radio.

Jongho who is also the main vocalist did a beautiful cover of “The Truth Untold”.

Wooyoung was asked which BTS songs he likes and he had quite a few answers. He answered that he often listens to “Euphoria, “Spring Day”, “Young Forever”, War of Hormone, “Mic Drop” and “Answer: Love Myself”.

Many of ATEEZ’s members have talked about which members of BTS have inspired them. Yeonsang was inspired by V. The maknae Jongho loves his fellow maknae Jungkook. Mingi, the main dancer, was also inspired by V who inspired him to dance in the first place.

ATEEZ are clearly huge ARMYs and hope one day they can be as successful as their seniors. You can watch ATEEZ’s latest single “Say My Name” below.


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